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What is Food Integrity
A global perspective on food issues from soil to plate

Anonymous Whistleblowing
Call out food integrity violations without risking retaliation

Regulatory Chaos at the Dinner Table!
Learn who monitors the different foods you consume.

FIC Videos
Watch expert panelists and GAP staff comment on food integrity issues

Canvassing Materials
Pamphlets to help you spread the word on food integrity whistleblowing

Key Whistleblowers

Jim Schrier
USDA inspector exposed inhumane handling of pigs at slaughterhouse

thumb_phyllis Phyllis McKelvey
Retired USDA inspector speaks out against poultry inspection plan

Kit Foshee
Meat safety whistleblower exposed problems with ammoniated beef

Renee Dufault
Former FDA employee discovered mercury in food products with High Fructose Corn Syrup